Broken Empire

by Hal Johnson

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released May 27, 2016

All songs written and performed by Hal Johnson, 2016
Recorded by Jonathan Howe at ArtEZ in Enschede, Jake Saghi at REM Studios in Nashville, TN, and by ourselves in our basement.

Mixing and Mastering by Michael Ries
Artwork by Stefan Kemper

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Hal Johnson Greven, Germany

We are Hal Johnson from Emsdetten, Germany. We play punkrock music and like to play shows.
Check out our first EP "Broken Empire" here. For Showdates check Facebook.

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Track Name: Recover
I lost my belt,
I lost my crutch.

I lost myself,
I lost everything I've got.

And I try to recover.
In endless nights I can't bother.
A glass of alc and good friends laughter,
and I try to recover.

Now im broke and my
head explodes.
I lost my key, my purse,
and I lost my phone.

And I try to recover.
In endless nights I can't bother.
A glass of alc and good friends laughter,
and I try to recover.

I drink a toast to our live,
but this goes just for tonight.

I drink a toast to our live.
I drink to the luck, the luck that we die.
Track Name: It's Like
It's like you're hungry
and you're not able to eat.
From drink to drink to drink to drink,
you're not able to speak.

It's like you're out of home
and you lost your fucking key.
It's like waking up in your own shit
and asking for the peak.

I'ts like
I dont know a thing
about myself, tell me:

Wheres the fucking top of the world ?
I'd like to sit there,
and smoke my cig and burn.

Whats wrong with all those guys ?
Whats wrong with me ?
Whats wrong: you and I.

It's like you say left
and I say right.
It's like this world is fucked up
and I wish you a good night.

It's like
we dont know a thing
about ourselves.

All these years
of human being,
nothing changed -
is this our fate ?

And all these years
of love and hate,
nothing changed -
is this our fate ?

Let's celebrate and drink and die!
Track Name: Home feat. Christoph (Snareset)
When the first sunray comes,
strokes your face, endless drunk.
It was getting late, playing this song.

Hold you breath and watch the waves.
Rising and clash, peaceful and straight.
I guess I found myself in this place.

How could we fall asleep on the stones ?
This is what the people call home.

Taste your blood, bitter and sweet.
It's coming up, spit it down on the street.
Call it luck, you're ready to bleed.

When I first broke my leg,
I was drunk, I saw the death.
And I was laughing at him loud,
'cause my friends they were around.

How could we fall asleep on the stones ?
This is what the people call home.

I don't want to go.

Your calculation has gone wrong,
if you didn't count your friends among it.
No matter what shit you fucking deal with -
your equation should be solved for friendship.
Track Name: Shit In, Shit Out
I'm not the one
who keeps you alive.
And I'm not the one
who swallow his pride.

I'd like to put my ass
on the line just to check:
am I still alive ?
Am I still alive ?

You can't call
me to account.
I don't care anymore.
I don't care anymore.

You can't call
me to account.
I've got nothing left to say,
and I'm unable to stay.
Track Name: Forgotten Kings
Look and believe in what you see,
turn your head around and breath.
This is to you society -

I raise from my knees as fast as I can.

Raise your glass up in the air,
spread your ashes everywhere.
This is the end for you and me -

let's raise from our knees to the falling sky again.

'Cause we are forgotten kings.
In a broken empire where we lost everything.
And we are dancing on fire.
In our broken empire we will spread our goddamn wings.

This is our fucked up final state,
it's about everything we hate.
Take a drag and drift away from here.

Run through the wreckage of our live,
never again we have to hide.
Look at the sun it's shining bright -

it's crashing down on us tonight.

Track Name: Easy
When I turn around,
I can see your face.

And if you let your burdens die,
you can see yourself.

Let them die.

And don't forget your past,
still a long way to go.
A fourty hour flight,
and I'm back on the road.

Right now I am here
to see who I am,
to feel and to breath
and to not give a damn.

The world isn't big,
it's just in our head.
We just have to start,
from step to step.

I'm stupid, I'm dumb,
and sometimes I'm drunk,
and sometimes I believe
that we are all junk.

But fuck it, fuck you,
and fuck me, and fuck off -
we all are the same,
in different spots.

It's so easy to say:
Man, just live your life.
When you're heart isn't fine,
then you're heart isn't fine.
Track Name: Places
Now that I feel quite old
there are places I still need to go.
'Cause you never really arrive my friend,
it's a journey from where it begins.

Now look at me son.
Please don't get me wrong.
You should do whatever the fuck you want with your live.
One day it will all fall down.

He said, "Man, don't worry 'bout cash.
You don't need it and you won't get it back.
Be sure you got a lot of friends who care
and they will always be there."

Believe it or not,
but that's what we got.
Just the only way to not drive insane in a world
where people all over get shot.

And now that I feel quite young
there are places I still want to hang.
And as long as I got you with me my friend
this world can come to an end.